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AVA are now pleased to be able to share the learning from the Hear ME project.

The research conducted through Hear ME shows the widescale impact of this type of abuse on mothers and families, as well as challenges with the current framework for support and interventions. It identifies the need for better responses, earlier effective intervention, specialist funding, more campaigning and publicity to raise awareness and visibility of this issue, but also the need for further research. The report makes recommendations at both a local and national level for practice and policy change; while the accompanying guidance provides practical steps and resources for practitioners, to support in improving the response for families experiencing adult child to parent abuse

The AVA guidance from The Hear ME research report aims to raise awareness and provide better understanding of mothers’ experiences of adult child to parent abuse (CPA). The report explores the experiences of abuse, the journey in accessing support and identifies clear recommendations for change to improve responses and outcomes for mothers and families facing this form of abuse. Please download the report and guidance below where Silenced is mentioned for our adult child to parent abuse training for professionals.

Hear ME (Mother’s Experiences) Research Report -

Guidance for Practitioners supporting families experiencing Adult Child to Parent Abuse -

"Hear ME Webinar"

Join AVA's webinar on September 19th at 10am to learn more about the Hear ME research project, adult child to parent abuse and hear from some of the Peer Researchers involved in the project. Sign up here.

If you have any questions about Hear ME, please contact the project lead:

Dhriti Suresh Eapen, by emailing

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