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Annual Conference 2023: Critical Cases - Understanding & responding to high-risk domestic violence

Date & location: 11 & 12 October, online

Working with high-risk perpetrators puts special demands on perpetrator interventions regarding risk management, safety planning, and collaboration with other agencies, especially victim support services and the criminal justice system. We often encounter high-risk perpetrators with multiple issues – substance abuse, mental health including trauma, and other co-occurring factors. Not all men clearly fit our programme exclusion criteria. So how can we address these topics with high-risk men in our groups? What do and should high-risk cases mean for the support to victim-survivors? What do they mean for our multi-agency work? The conference will promote a better understanding of the needs and challenges of working with high-risk perpetrators. The goal is to increase the capacity of practitioners to respond to these demands. To attend please click onthe link to register:

Silenced will be delivering our interactive workshop online on the 12th of October 2023 - Workshop 8: Child-to-Parent Violence and Abuse (CPVA) - Responding to risk and understanding transitional safeguarding when working with young people aged 16-18

Child-to-Parent Violence and Abuse (CPVA), much like domestic violence, is steeped in shame, denial, social isolation, self-blame and guilt, resulting in under-reporting. “Transitional safeguarding” is an approach that looks at how parents can be supported when their children become adults and how services can reduce/manage risk. Many parents find the ages of 16-18 challenging as their child becomes an adult and starts to fall through the cracks of child services. This workshop will allow professionals to understand what transitional safeguarding means and how the approach can be adopted through a multi-agency approach.

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