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CPVA Family wheel


CPVA Family Wheel


The Step-up family abuse and mutual respect wheels are based on the Duluth power and control wheel, designed by the Domestic Abuse intervention Programme (DAIP). Family members using abusive behaviours can use the wheels to make weekly behavioural goals - choosing one behaviour from the wheels to work on during the week and reporting back to group the following week about their progress. The overall goal of the Step-up programme is to help family members move from the abuse wheel to the respect wheel. The curriculum is designed to address behaviors in each section of the wheels, teaching skills to stop abusive behaviors and replace them with corresponding behaviors on the respect wheel.  The wheels are also used as a tool for raising awareness of behaviour, and demonstrating accountability about behaviours used at home every week.

Silenced has developed the family abuse and mutual respect wheels to reflect feedback from professionals and families that have attended training on child to parent violence and abuse. Utilising the Duluth model concept, Silenced have designed in collaboration with professionals and families an interim resource that professional can use to support families in the interim of specialist support and a way to assess risk and safety plan.  We would like to continue this collaboration and invite professionals, parents and carers to take part in our ongoing consultation before we officially launch the CPVA family wheel tool and training.

If you are interested in taking part in the CPVA family wheel consultation please contact:


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